Friday, June 29, 2007

My Boy

Some of my favorite photos of N. growing up.
He will be 7 in August and in 1st grade.
You will see that he was quite fond
of his pacifier past age 2.
I think we finally gave them all to the dogs to destroy before age 3,
N. HATED that!

N. is standing on the bathroom vanity brushing his teeth, of course wearing his policemans' hat!! Doesn't everyone brush their teeth that way? N's Aunt Sue bought him these jammies. He wore them until he couldn't force his body into them anymore, he loved them so much! You may also notice his tummy bulging out...he used to carry toys inside his jammies like a pocket!!

 I painted the ivy on the medicine cabinet and the faux bricks on the wall.

Did you know that Superman did water color paints?
N wore this t-shirt until he grew so much he could barely manage to move while it was somehow shimmied onto his body. Then when we managed to find a bigger sized identical one, he insisted it needed to have the cape I had sewn on to the original one transferred onto the larger sized shirt.

This is one of our wooden doll houses.
I bought it at a sale for cheap. I painted it and furnished it.

I loved that he had his construction shirt on and holding his matching toy.
He fell asleep playing!

Farmer N. preparing his soil!
Each year each of the 3 kids would have their own garden plot. They would choose their vegetable plants at the greenhouse and tend the garden all summer from planting -weeding-watering-harvest. Most years, along with their favorite crop, they would choose a vegetable that they had never raised before.

Silly things happen when you only have sisters!
 N. wearing his sister's hat.

I painted the kid size chairs.
Smiles all around!

N. relaxing at one of our favorite parks.

Enjoying a hot dog and blue raspberry slush at our favorite coney dog & ice cream place.


Mary said...

Oh, what a cutie pie :) or should I have said such a handsome boy. I still love the Superman ones. We gotta have a hero:)

The French Nest said...

Hi Amy,

I just came across your blog this evening after my mum (Deb @ Posted from Home) announced she had won your 100th post contest. I absolutely love your's stunning!

Your sweet son Nicholas reminds me of my brother, Alex...especially the picture of him sleeping with his little truck shirt on after putting in a full day of play! Even though Alex is about to turn 18, there will be times when he says something or looks a certain way that will remind me of when he was a little cute!


The Urban Chic said...

Amy, he is such a sweet looking young boy---I've always believed that when they are ready to throw the binkies away, they will. fixed the bad spelling on my blog. Thanks for letting me know.

Mom2fur said...

Wow, is he ever cute! Those blue eyes are amazing. They even match the slushie, LOL!
My 3 boys (my youngest is also a Nicholas--he's 17) had 'phi beta kappa keys' (what my mom calls a pacifier) until they were older than 3, so don't feel bad! My daughter sucked her pointer finger forever. You can't 'lose' a pointer finger, LOL!

Mom2fur said...

Hi, again. Thanks for stopping by my blog! My cat Nutmeg is a black-and-white tuxedo. I named her Nutmeg because I got her for Christmas, and Eggnog (my other choice) doesn't really fit a black cat, LOL!