Monday, June 4, 2007

Today In My Gardens

Here's a peek at what is blooming right now in my gardens...
Balloon Flower-white
Tickseed- yellow
Coral Bells-pink
Iris- white, purple
Peony- dark pink
Chives- purple
Sweet William- purple
Money Plant- still green
Geranium- white, pink
Petunia- purple, pink, white
Impatiens- pink
I do have many other colors in the garden, although it seems that pink and purple dominate just now.
The white Iris where a transplant MANY years ago from my Grandpa's garden in Michigan. Grandpa was a wonderful gardener. I have some pictures of his rock gardens from when my Mom was a little girl ! He even had a little fish pond back before they were all the rage.
This sweet garden girl is cut from an old card in my collection of ephemera. 

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