Saturday, July 14, 2007

Books and old toys and stuff

My hutch displaying old toys and books and stuff.
The hutch is ever changing...for seasons, as a prop for display photos for listings.... and sometimes even for dusting purposes!!
Click on it to get more detail.
Of Note:

~~The large picture frame holds a photo of my Mom at age 9 standing next to a pony (done by a traveling children's photographer).

~~The smaller picture frame holds a photo of my Dad and me on my first birthday sitting on my cousin's horse.

~~Yes, those are REAL wooden shoes. Sent by one of my mom's pen pals overseas. I used to clod around in them as a child across the tile floors of the kitchen.

~~The stuffed cats are the Three Little Kittens and my Grandma Bubbles made them and stuffed them with nylons {not pantyhose}.

~~The wooden Noah's Ark was a gift long ago from Santa. It opens and has tiny wooden animals and Noah inside.

~~The Block City bricks we had growing up.  My kids love playing with them and call them old fashion Legos.

~~The rest of the things have been either been mostly inherited but some were thrifted. My brothers and I pass things back and forth through the family when we get tired of stuff.

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Deb said...

You have so many fabulous collectables. Love all your vintage toys and books,family photos & baby shoes all gathered together.