Saturday, July 14, 2007

Generations Stitch Us Together

This is Mr. S. holding my boy N. at an honest to goodness old time barber shop.

They have had their hair cut together since N's first time.

Mr S. is my Friend's Dad. My friend and I met in 7th grade. You can see L. the barber and just a sliver of Mrs. S. in the reflection of the mirror.

Mr S. has Macular Degeneration (eyes) and Dementia. Since their daughter, my friend, lives about 3 hours away in Michigan. I help them by driving them around town to the barber, the store and doctor appointments. I take Mr. S. to/from respite daycare two days each week. I have even sat in the E.R. and hospital rooms with them. I am so very glad to be able to help them.

My kids are very good at adopting Grandparent figures, so they are often involved too.
My friend's sister recently moved to Michigan.

They would like their parents to be near them. To help them.
Mrs. S. is having a difficult time shifting gears as she has been in her home here for 50 some years. A huge life event to move everything you know as familiar. Everyone involved knows it is for the best. But, there sure are a lot of raw emotions floating in the air for everyone involved.

Over the years while I have spent time at appointments and such with Mr and Mrs S. I have carried along fabric scraps and have sewn yo-yo's to make into a quilt. {Click where "yo-yo's is underlined to learn the history of this type of quilt.}

You know "Idle hands..."
The project has always been a great conversation starter to be sure!!!

This is our cat lounging on the yo-yo quilt at home.

These are some sections that I flopped on the scanner to show you. The result of helping my friend's parents has yielded a yo-yo quilt the size of a double bed. ALL HAND STITCHED.

Generations do stitch us together.

I got a bonus far beyond a quilt ~~ No value can ever be placed on the relationship my kids and I share with Mr and Mrs S. -- my 7th grade friend's parents. It's priceless.

When they make the move North to be with their daughters, we will have forever all the memories ~~and a quilt that stitched us all together!!


Mary said...

Amy ,you are the true meaning of the word Friend...I know you friend felt comfort in the fact that you were caring for her folks. Children can never have too much love or family.
Each piece of you work had lovingly
been made with memories stitch in. When Mother (cancer) was in the hospital,I worked on my buttons. They were easy to carry and no counting required...So glad all the bunnies are doing good :)Have a wonderful day.

Mrs.Kwitty said...

The quilt is fabulous and so is the love and the story behind it! I inherited a queen-size yoyo quilt that my Mom made entirely by hand! She even made a lovely yoyo valance to go in her window to match. I cherish that quilt and feel her presence so much in it.
Smiles, Karen