Thursday, August 9, 2007

freshly laundered

Wow! I love this retro looking fabric!!
The coral pinkish color background, the aprons. Don't we all do our laundry in heels?!
I found this fabric at this web site.
Here's a fun site all about laundry clothes lines.
I know, I'm weird, I do think they're fun. I'm a laundry geek!!


red tin heart said...

I really like this fabric, so cute. Nita

Deb said...

Love this fabric too!
I also have a love for laundry - clothes lines and peg bags & pictures with clothes hung out on the line etc ... :-}

cinderelly said...

great fabric, so cute! my mom has her laundry room all decorated with laundry stuff, that fabric would be so cute as something for her!