Friday, August 10, 2007

Sewing and Genealogy

When ever I think of sewing I think of Grandma (Grandma Bubbles) and when ever I think of Grandma Bubbles I think of sewing!!!! You can find out why she is Grandma Bubbles when you click here. You can read about her super cool fabric stash (another one of my all time favorite posts) when you click here.

Of course I adore this side of the pillow that Grandma Bubbles made.
How could I's RED!!
I also really like the other side of the this pillow that she made.
I love the 1920/30s fabrics. The colors are just so yummy.
This is Grandma & Grandpa (my Mom's parents) on their honeymoon in Cincinnati, Oh. in November 1922.

Above is Grandma, my Mom, Grandpa,
and my Mom's little brother J.
My Mom's older sister, J., may have been the photographer.
I don't know why, but it appears the only happy ones in this photo
are the dog and Mom's little brother. Maybe they knew something the rest didn't?!
Anyway, I really like their clothes.

This is my Grandma, my Mom and my oldest brother.
I am told that this was the photo that appeared in the paper on my brother's 1st birthday in recognition of past Christmas babies. I love the baby buggy or pram as some of you out there call it.

Here is Grandma Bubbles happily surrounded by her first grandbabies. Many, many more would follow.The 2 standing at the left of Grandma are my 2 oldest brothers.
One grew up to become a firefighter (around the age of 44!!).
The other little ones are my Aunt J's kids.
I love Grandma's strappy shoes!

This is a photo of Grandma and Grandpa around 1980.
That's me in the background wearing the green top.


cinderelly said...

what great photos of your family! and how cool that your brother is a fireman! my dad was a fireman and so was my step-dad, and one of my uncles.

red tin heart said...

I love family photos. It is comforting to me to look at old photos of my family, at times it makes me sad, but I try to remember all the fun we have experienced too. xo Nita