Saturday, July 14, 2007

Grandma Bubbles Revealed

A long time ago I promised to tell you why I call my Grandma (my Mom's Mom)- Grandma Bubbles. Today I will tell...

But first look at these grandchildren of Grandma Bubbles' at her house in Michigan in 1967.
Left to right ~~ My brother, ( he's the youngest of my 3 older brothers). My cousin, John. Wearing braids is me!! Then my cousin Barry ( John's brother).
We were holding some of Grandma's barn kitties. There were ALWAYS kitties. I loved them.
Check out our triplet "P.F. Flyer" blue sneakers!!!!!!
I called them P.F. Pliers

Ok, so here's the story....
I always called her Grandma Bubbles.
My brothers (they are all older than me) always called her Grandma Bubbles.
What we never knew until we were all adults was why we called her that.

My brothers told me about a dog that she and Grandpa had -way before I was even born. A dog I certainly never knew of or remembered hearing stories about. A dog called "Bubbles".

I, on the other hand, had always called her that because her snow white colored hair was in short curls that looked like "bubbles in a bubble bath" !!

The whole time we called her that, we never knew our very separate reasons for the nickname!!!!


Gledwood said...
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cd&m said...

What a lovely story.

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Love it--you all look so cute with your matching shoes and little kitties to hold! Hoorah for Grandmas--they are the things that memories are made of. I had a very special Grandma to--Gramma'Deen. I really miss her! M
Smiles, Karen

p.s. I did the tag thing on my blog finally!! I'll bet you thought I had forgotten! lol