Sunday, August 12, 2007

It's Snowing At My House

Click on any photo for more detail.
Anyone who knows me can testify that every year from Thanksgiving thru Valentine's Day
it is very FLAKY around our household!!

That's because I am just a crazy person that should be analyzed
when it comes to cutting paper snowflakes.

This year the snips of white paper are flying in every direction just a little early because I have decided to list my paper snowflake creations on my Etsy shop.

Be sure to watch for their arrival there.

This is a sample {above 2 photos} of the flakes that came off my scissors the other day in one sitting. I had to show them to you...if only to cool you off in this hot August heat!

I have always loved to cut flakes. I have cut them and saved them from year to year for 15+ years now. [I know there must be a diagnosis for this.] I used to save them in the pages of my old dictionaries I collected...but then, well, thousands and thousands wouldn't fit anymore. Now I keep them in a vintage red & white tin bread box I found thrifting. Now the kids know it only as "the snowflake box"; I doubt they even know it is a bread box. I cut them all by hand and sometimes I don't even know what they will look like until I unfold them.
I even have special very sharp, very pointy snowflake cutting scissors. The kids know they are off limits to them. What a mean Mommy I am.
These (below) are some past photos of my home.
The kids also cut snowflakes too and I save them and hang them too--even the ones that look like round doilies!! They are always amazed at their own progress from year to year...being able to cut them more detailed.
I hang theirs and mine together.
They are all magical.
Mine always have 6 distinctive points and are never round like a doily.
This (photos above) is my big living room window- floor to almost ceiling height. The flake hanging process had not yet been completed ...there are still windows showing!!!!
Note: I have since taken down the unattractive white valance curtain!
I hang EVERY WINDOW solid in the whole house and other flat surfaces.
My sweet hubby warns visitors to not stand still too long lest they be decorated too!!
The leaded diamond windows are in my kitchen at the front of my house. The red & white valance curtain is really more of a true red than this photo shows.

This (bottom photo) is the mirror on my wallpapered wall that I painted to match the wallpaper. It almost camouflages into the wallpaper. You can see if you click on it. You may also see the mirror in other "Curious Corners of my Home" posts.
I have more~ even better ~Flaky photos to share with you
and I I come across them.


Deb said...

Your snowflakes are amazing! The detail! How fantastic that you save them from year to year.

Daisy said...

Hey Kiddo, you only save the son used to save all the bits he cut out from the middle. Can't possibly think where he got he's strange excentric kleptomanic tendancies from.Lolxxx