Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Ancient Art Accolades

Ancient art is very fascinating to me and you can find plenty of it at
Put on some comfy walking shoes and join me on today's tour.
The photos above and below show the area in the museum known as The Cloister. It has columns on four sides with a courtyard in the middle. Each side of columns is a different style. The carving is well worn but you can still appreciate the detailed beauty. The cove ceiling in the courtyard is painted like the sky. Along the painted orange/red walls are religious items hanging on the walls -stained glass, tapestries carvings, etc.- and smaller exquisite items and relics in glass cases. The lighting and atmosphere in here is so calming. The Cloister is a favorite destination for all 3 of my kids, and me too!
The photos above and below show the area of the museum where they have reconstructed the interior of a French Chateau. It is so fun to stand at the threshold of this room and imagine yourself in this time and place. It conjures up some spinet piano or mandolin music in your brain as you stand here.
I must say that the chairs at the table do not make for a desire to linger over your meal- not so comfortable looking- maybe that's the diet answer. The big velvet upholstered arm chairs next to the massive fireplace look more inviting!
We like to pretend that there is a secret passage behind one of the many painted panels on the walls.
The next 3 photos show sculptures that share the same big gallery as the Egyptian things I have already shown you in my previous post. I surely would not have been able to master this kind of art. You can't erase your mistake when your chisel makes a goof!! It is something I could look at for hours; the marvel of the realistic artistry.
You can read more about one of them when you click here.
You can read more about the ancient art when you click here.

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