Friday, December 7, 2007

A peek before the snowmen invade-

I took pictures of the kid's/guest bathroom with a wine, sepia and roses theme. It is time now that it be transformed into snowmen and will remain so until probably the end of January. I had shown you a project that kicked off this theme and you can review it by clicking here, and here.

The heavy metal (no I am not referring to the head banging heavy metal music from the 70's and 80s!)candle holder and plate rack were a great clearance buy from Hobby Lobby at the end of the summer season!

Vintage dictionary and sheet music pages rolled with ribbon. All the pink pottery pieces (say that 3 times fast!) were found over many years at garage sales for cheap!

Nope! She's not one of my relatives; only a smiling face I adopted from an estate sale once upon a time. I felt like her bobbed hair, pearl necklace photo would tuck nicely into this vignette of roses and such. Did you ever think that the first thousand women that bobbed their hair were rebels and the next hundred thousand that did were just copycats?!!

I like the old, stained, crackly look of this gravy boat. a gravy boat in the bathroom? Why YES...why not!!
Betty- you may recognize this tin as the one you sent to me with fun little birds and other goodies inside. I love it!
Metal bird hook from Hobby Lobby clearance sale. The silhouettes were from my neighbor's garage sale. They have that great kind of convex glass with reverse painting. They once hung over his sister's bed as a child. I asked why his sister didn't want them. He said "Why would she?" I guess I am just too sentimental! The bird shadow box frame was found at another garage sale and has real twigs and feather covered birds.

Nope! I don't know these wedding people. They are just people I have adopted into my family because of their great taste in wedding finery!! I have changed the ribbon from the one I started out with on this bottom collage piece I put together. The first one was brown grosgrain and this one is iridescent brown/green with wired edges. It was featured close up in the post I allowed you to click over to at the start of this post.
A second candle holder from Hobby Lobby clearance sale sits atop the 1950's chrome soap holder.
I scanned a piece (I couldn't bear to use the real piece)
of vintage sheet music and wrapped it around a plastic cup that the kids keep their battery operated toothbrushes in. The toothbrushes don't fit into the 1950's chrome holder. The music is held in place with some twine. The mirror is from the dollar store and allows the kids to see themselves easily -as the big mirror is too high. Now if I can just stop my Sweetie from VIGOROUSLY shaking off his hands before drying them on the towel. He splatters up the expensive little dollar store mirror (say it in a whiny voice)! Well, to be honest, he shakes the water off his hands and splatters the walls in the bathroom and windows above the kitchen sink too. UGH!

Metal candle stand is again from HL clearance. It's hard to see but there are little candles shaped like roses on it in two places. I like the little metal bird on it. The pink tin bucket usually has brushes in it but they must have been scattered around the house at this moment. KIDS!! The doily in leaded glass was a wedding gift. I hung it from the same iridescent brown/green ribbon.
The next tour of this room will be snowman themed. Stay tuned. And as always- admission is free!


Mary said...

Hello Amy ,If you get tired of the pink flower pots, just send them to me :) I have a green one of the tulips ...I love snowmen. Have a great day. Hugs Mary

Sharon Kay said...

Oh Amy............I love the way you decorated your guest bathroom. I love the old pictures the roses and all the vases. Very vintage.........can I come and be a guest?

She'sSewPretty said...

Amy, I would love to have a guest bath like that. Unfortunately my two boys won't let me. So instead I have pictures of kids playing ball in the 40's or 50's and a coke truck for a towel holder. I did sneak in one sunflower angel though.

Shelley said...

Hello Dear Amy, I love the decor in that bathroom. Isn't Hobby Lobby the neatest place. They have such wonderful things there! I can't wait to see the snowmen take over.I will surely be back to see.
Love your snowflakes, they look so pretty in your windows.