Thursday, December 13, 2007

"Fantasy Family"

This picture is from this site. A wonderful wealth of possible family discoveries for genealogists!

1. I don't know these people, I'll bet they were kind and wonderful.
2. I make it all up, no ill will is intended.

Ginny- age 10
Ginny was always designing things for her dolls to wear. Her Mother said she would someday be famous for her clothing creativity.

Ginny- age 20
As a young adult, Ginny had the idea for stocking panties way before it hit the mainstream market. She unfortunately didn't file for a patent. Now you may know about these... they're called pantyhose. They were made by the now ex-friend of Ginny with whom Ginny shared her idea and design.
It's funny how things happen. Ginny never achieved fortune and fame... however...Ginny's daughter was always making things for her dolls to wear. When she became a young adult she began designing bras for a well known company. You may have heard of a "secret" company whose models wear wings??

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Blue Mermaid Cafe..... said...

Ginny was actually a budding Coco Chanel! She grew up as Ginny but changed her name and she got fame. She was determined to get out of poverty and Brooklyn. xoxo Nita