Thursday, February 7, 2008

84 Charing Cross Road

I love this movie starring Anthony Hopkins and Anne Bancroft. It Is Funny, nostalgic, thought provoking. I love old books and the smell of old books (weird, I know!), so this is a hit with me. I grew up with a Mom that wrote many pen pal letters to friends in Europe. They each had to wait for the real mail service to carry their words back and forth, in the olden days before email. They even sometimes exchanged gifts. I can sense the anticipation in this movie as each party awaits correspondence through the postal service. My Mom was also a WWII teen so she shared many stories with me of that era. This movie talks of the sacrifices that each and every person made on each side of the ocean for the cause of the war. If you want a good movie to watch that is not your usual modern day cookie cutter film, you may want to check out this one.


sal said...

Agreed!I absolutley love it.I put it as one of my faves on someone's blog,recently..I can't remember whose blog it was though;-)Sal

Jillian said...

Hi Amy!

My Mom actually told me about this movie and I rented it and watched it. I think I liked it but can't remember the ending now. It's been that long since I've seen it! Or, I am aging "gracefully?"

Thanks for sharing!

madrekarin said...

This is one of my favorites as well!! Great minds think alike. :)
The book is fabulous. It makes me cry whenever I read the letter from Frank's wife telling Helene that he has died. Sob. Whenever 84 Charing Cross Road is on TV, I stop what I am doing and watch it.