Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Things you can live without knowing

My handmade quilt and redwork embroidery.
More random facts about
this  author:
1. We had 5 living generations of males in my family until my Grandpa died in his late 90's.  * my dad's dad * my dad * my brother * my nephew * my great nephew

2. I liked these TV shows when I was growing up= The Flying Nun, That Girl, Ed Sullivan, The Honeymooners, I Love Lucy, The Carol Burnett Show, Laugh-In, All In The Family.

3. I have tiny little Native American dolls from almost each time throughout my life that we vacationed in northern Michigan .

4. All three of our kids have my hair and eye color.

5. I always let my kids lick the spoon or mixer beaters, I know I am not supposed to, pretty sure no one died recently from it.

6. When I was about 6, I remember my dad telling me never to play with matches and I would be rewarded with a popsicle. I never played with matches. I received many popsicles through my life but I don't know if I ever received THAT popsicle!!

7. I drive a 5 speed stick shift car. Most of my cars have been stick shifts. I prefer them.

8. I enjoy watching classic dance like ballroom, ballet, Rockettes, Latin, tap... I used to be a dancer from age 3 until age 29. I long to dance and sew and not have the thousands of responsibilities that face me each year!

9. Among my family tree branches from long ago I have= a nun,  a priest, a grave digger, nurses, and a circus trapeze performer.

10. I can't stand the smell of the kind of coffee made in my house, but the smell any other place never bothers me. B drinks coffee from morning till night, it never keeps him awake that's for certain. I don't drink coffee, I have never made even one pot of coffee at my home.


sister sheri said...

Quite a family tree! I'll have to think about mine, now...

Jillian said...

Oh my goodness! We definitely have some similarities...I can't stand coffee, my own Mother didn't like us to eat the batter because it had egg in it, and the dancing thing!

But I liked number 9 because that was a good factoid that I've never thought about in my own family tree. I'm going to have to think about it now!

Lori said...

Amy, Very cute and interesting post! Boy we are night and day on coffee, I relish it!!!! Anytime of day or night! Best coffee time of my life has been in Disney at Epcot in France sipping a morning coffee! Later, Lori

Jeanne Rhea said...

Just found your blog from a post on mine. Love your list. Amazing how you think you "know" someone just from these list!

I don't like coffee either, but I used to grind the coffee daily at a grocery store and I loved the smell when freshly ground. Almost made me want to drink it.

I'll check in off and on and see what you are up to!