Friday, February 29, 2008


This is my collection of Hobnail pattern milk glass. I have tucked it into this cabinet which stands about 3 1/2 feet high. I am always moving things around.
OOPS! just noticed the cord is showing in this photo. It is usually tucked behind. Sorry! The cabinet looks really nice at night when lit and the hallway is dark.
All these pieces were inherited or thrifted (cheaply, 'cuz I'm a cheapie) or found in someone's throwaways. The tall one with the lid was in the trash at the neighbor's among a box of slightly broken things. This one looks good doesn't it? It has a secret- on the back side it is missing a scallop around the rim. You didn't know though, did you?!

Another example of my love for orphan milk glass- the matching candle holder (without a red candle) is broken on the back side. It is more noticeable than the ouchie on the tall lidded jar, but I don't care.

English Hobnail pattern is a little different than these. The bumps are less rounded and almost a diamond pointy shape. I have only a couple of that pattern in my collection.


Grace said...

Just stopped by....Love your blog! We could have great fun over a cup of tea and a table full of antique photos!

The Urban Chic said...

Oh how I love milk glass. I have a collection from my mom in the attic for my daughter. She took her entire collection and seperated it and gave it to her gds. I am hoping my daughter won't want hers-lol. I have a few pieces that are mine. What a wonderful collection. Pat

Lori said...

Amy, Stick me in that tall hobnail with the lid and I will be happy for weeks!!!!!Never seen it and love, love , love it!11!!! Lori

Pam said...

I love milk glass, and I love hobnail! You have a wonderful collection!