Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Typing Fool am I

I have been typing up a storm the last few days. Sending emails to a new friend/ long , long, lost unknown (before now) family member!!

I am a genealogy freak.

I was Googling some of the names from my family tree branches way back in the 1600-1700's just for fun. In a round about way I came across a posting board at Roots Web and discovered a person asking about the same names I was researching.


The posting was rather old and had an email address attached so I thought "oh What the heck, I'll write and see what happens."


It's a "she" (which I couldn't initially tell from the Roots Web posting), and she is about my age and she is my KIN!!

Her Great Great Grandfather is my Great Great Grandfather's brother.
She now lives many states south of me...

but we grew up within 15 minutes of each other!!!!!!

Oh dear! Between blogging and Etsying and now this

HOW will the laundry ever get done?


The Feathered Nest said...

Maybe by the laundry fairy? I keep waiting for mine to arrive!! xxoo, Dawn

Michelle said...

How exciting to find new relatives!