Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Me -- looking pretty dorky!! What an ugly chair...glad they got rid of that one before my conscious memories started taking hold! But look! There is milk glass to my right. You can't go wrong growing up with milk glass. It almost (almost) makes up for the ugly chair!!
Me -at age 3- looking kinda apprehensive about something. A bug? A mouse? A Mom with a camera always in front of her squinted eye? In my family we refer to the usual posed pictures of holidays or traditions as "child abuse photos"!! On Friday as my kids dyed Easter eggs I hid, for just a short bit, in my bedroom to be away from the arguing, sibling rivalry and general noise. N. came in to my sanctuary (I mean, bedroom) multiple times..."They got to do more eggs than me!"... "They won't let me use the cup with blue in it!"
Then the zinger of all..."Mom! Aren't you going to come out and take child abuse photos??!"
My response-"Why would I want to document the precious memory of you all arguing and yelling?"
After a minute of listening to more noise as he returned to the egg dying party with his sisters, I got up off my bed and went to get the camera. Some day, (I said inside my frazzled mom brain), I would live to regret not taking child abuse photos of this day. A normal, yet loud, holiday, traditional moment in their lives. The noise was partnered with the sound of a mom with a camera shutter clicking away!!


Lori said...

Amy, Happy Easter!! hey I miss those argueing kinda days, well maybe just a little! How funny milkglass, maybe I had some in my home growing up too! Love ya, Lori

Laura said...

Thank you for stopping by. I look forward to reading through your posts!!
Happy Easter.

Shelley said...

Hello Dear Amy, love the picture of you when you were little.So, sweet. Hope you and yours had a lovely Easter.

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Amy--you are so dang cute...I could just squeeze the stuffin' outta you! lol child abuse photos!
Smiles, Karen

Lori said...

Amy, the pictures of you as a wee girl are SO sweet!!! i hope you had a wonderful Easter:)

She'sSewPretty said...

Oh that's so funny Amy. It brings back memories. Mine are all too old for dying eggs and I miss that.

Kerry and Rachel said...

Love the photos! And the story. Sometimes it's good to hide, but those are the moments we can't get back, arguing and all.

Pam said...

Oh Amy...I love the pics. They remind me of home.
All of the memories will be so precious...even the "arguing" ones!!