Tuesday, April 8, 2008

7 Random Things

A picture taken of me early one morning while still in my jammies.
7 random things...
#1=I must admit that I like playing this kind of game. I also like reading others' random lists.
#2=I am impressed by some blogs...I like the women that are real and have messy places in their house along with the pretty places!
#3=I am often puzzled by some blogs...I feel suspicious that some of the women seem to create an alter-ego to present to the world.
#4=I find inspiration in some blogs...I read some that are very different from my life and my world.
#5=I am intimidated by some blogs...Can there really be enough time to do all that art and still run a family?
#6= I am envious of some blog writers... I often think of myself as an undiscovered artist.
#7= I wonder if we bloggers are maybe just an extension of high school clicks among adult women... Ever notice how we sometimes travel in packs?
The decorators, the artists, the philosophers, etc, etc. It's like a new way to gather together "the socials, the geeks, etc, etc..."


red tin heart said...

Amy, I personally hate to be put in a category.
It does hurt. That is why I don't put labels on people sites on my blog.

I don't label them one thing or another. They speak for themselves.
I hope you have a good day friend.
xoxo Nita

She'sSewPretty said...

Now I am wondering what # I am. LOL I agree totally, by the way.