Monday, April 21, 2008

Loved the Movie

I just watched the DVD of
Love In The Time Of Cholera the other night.
I loved it!
I had never read the book.
I was wishing there was more film time for the wedding, though.
It flitted by in a matter of seconds.
I love romantic wedding settings and old fashioned dresses.
I had an old fashioned wedding dress that I made myself and my attendants' dresses too.
I have always been a Benjamin Bratt fan.
How ' bout you??

He did play a part in this that made you like him but hate him too.
All in all, great costuming ~which I am always a sucker for~ and beautiful cinematography.


Lori said...

Precious wedding photos Amy!! Now I had never heard of the movie but gosh I love these kinds!! Will check it out! Sorry I have been out of touch but physical am being tortured by my eveil back pain!! I keep trying to wish it away, never works!!! Take care, love ya,Lori

Jillian said...

Hello! I just received this movie in the mail from netflix....I'm saving it to watch with my Mom when she visits this weekend. It seemed like the perfect "MOM" movie!

Thanks for sharing!