Saturday, May 31, 2008

baby bunnies 2 weeks old

E's bunny, Clover, announces the 2 week birthday celebration of her 4 babies!!!
Their little eyes are open now and their ears are moving more freely.
They even sometimes scratch their ears with their little back feet.
This photo shows the size of the babies compared to Clover. You can see that she has her cold 2 liter bottle in her cage to help cool her in the Ohio humidity that has suddenly arrived. You can also see that clover has her daily apple, carrot and celery mixed with her alfalfa nibbles to make her milk more yummy and nutritious for her 4 little ones. Unfortunately, this photo was taken just before E. cleaned the cage, as Clover seems to do a lot more of something else too (it's round and it's not Kix cereal!)
They still sleep quite a bit yet when they are awake they keep Clover busy. Today they graduated from their nesting box as they just keep crawling out and getting trapped between the box and the side of the cage. E. took the box they have the whole cage to romp around in.
It is unbelievable just how fast they grow in just 2 weeks. They started exploring the water bottle and licking the apple slices today.
Now they are a handful. Literally filling your whole hand.

Can you believe this was just 2 weeks ago? Isn't nature wonderful and magic?!!


The Feathered Nest said...

Awwww Amy!!! I've been waiting for these pics!!! Thank you so much! I remember this precious size. So little and cute ~ I know you all are enjoying the entire experience. xxoo, Dawn

Pam said...

Oh Amy, the babies are simply precious!!!

regina barnett said...

What beautiful baby bunny...I remember when my baby bunny were that little. You are right they grow so fast. Mine will be a year old in December. About A week ago I lost two out of seventeen Rabbits..Due to the heat. Two others almost died..but they were saved just in time.. I wish the other two could have made it. It's always so sad when you lose an animal..

cinderelly said...

cuuuute bunnies!