Thursday, May 29, 2008


I have been tagged to reveal 6 unimportant things about myself.

I have decide to follow the theme of games as a play on words with being "tagged" to play this blog game.
1. I often dreaded the game tag and being "it" at recess, as I was such a girly girl I was afraid to spend the rest of the school day sweaty or dirty from running through the dusty playground.
2. I am terrible at playing checkers. I think the only times I have won were if some one has let me win or I have had a 5 year old as an opponent. (and the 5 year old has to be a stinky checkers player on top of it!)
3. I could play Chinese Checkers all day long. I love it. I am pretty good. I wonder if I would be better at regular checkers if I played in China??
4. I have never played Monopoly by the real rules. Come to think of it, I do not know what the real rules are. Unfortunately I have raised my kids the same terrible way. They will still thrive in their lives in spite of this won't they?
5. I collect old board games. Don't usually play any of them. Don't know if they even have all the pieces. Don't care. Just like the graphics and colors on the boxes as they sit in a stack atop my red corner cupboard. Don't know why I should need another collection.
6. I could go my whole entire life without ever seeing a football or basketball game and my life would not be any less rich. Weird, I know.
Oops! Is that the sound of hundreds of readers walking away to abandon my blog ?


a portland granny said...

I;m so glad to see you received your pot holders!! I like the round ones--they look like they will break in really fast!!

Loved your squirrel. I have a few around here also. They sure chat at each other! Your chair reminded me of a rug I had outside and they unraveled until it was worthless. They are pretty destructive sometimes.

I get a kick out of them burying their treasures--peanuts, etc. and then they never find them again. I find their little holes in the garden beds. My grandkids get a kick out of them.

Have a good week-end.

Lori said...

ok, at the risk of getting sweaty and dirty...i'll play:)

Shelley said...

Hi Amy, interesting facts...wanted to wish you a belated Happy Birthday...looks like some grand gifts you got.Cute picture of the squirrel and the baby bunnies are so sweet. Regina at "SIMPLE IS SIMPLE DOES",has posted some pictures of their new baby gerbils.
She loves all animals!


She'sSewPretty said...

I'll play along later. I have to think about this first. No football or baseball?! Oh Amy. I'm so sad. LOL I love going to baseball games and Fresno State football games are the best!!

Kerry and Rachel said...

Thanks for the "plug," Amy. We always enjoy your blog. Hope you don't mind if we play "Fantasy Family" a bit with our old postcard photos. We're not trying to steal your gig.

Karlene said...

Love your blog and energy! this game looks like fun...I am new to blogging...and have gotten our youngest daughter started blogging...Keep up the good work!!!