Thursday, July 17, 2008

Please allow some one else to have and feed these cute bunnies...

I told E. it is time for her to earn some money and sell all but one of her bunny babies. The babies are growing and growing and eating and eating! This is the first litter that Clover has had that are all identical. It's really quite frustrating; like a bunny optical illusion.

No, don't worry- they do not live in a green laundry basket. We put them in it to take photos.

They all are so sweet though and well tempered. We have them trained to lie on their backs from the time they are about a few days old so they will be more relaxed being handled by just about anyone when being held the normal way.

They live in a very nice large hutch made out of recycled chicken wire and wire mesh screen and wood recycled from our tree house that we tore down.
My guy keeps saying he will build another newer tree house.
I tell N., "When you grow up then you can help Daddy build the tree house, because that's probably how long it will take." My guy has great intentions. I'm sure some of you other Mom's know what I mean.

So E. is hoping that now that the babies are 8 weeks old she will be able to guess which one is a male (sometimes it's not so easy to tell, we have been fooled before) so she can have another future Daddy bunny. We have one male and three females among the adult rabbits.
Rabbits are actually cheaper to keep as pets than many other animals. You don't have to take them to the groomer, like a dog and you don't have to buy them shoes, like a horse. Although, E. would love to some day have her own horse. When she was little she thought she could just move our fence farther back into the woods and keep a horse in her daddy's storage barn and that was as simple as it was to get and keep a horse. That's why she now keeps bunnies.


a portland granny said...

Oh those bunnies! Do they bring back memories.
When I was little, we waited so patiently for our bunny babies to be born. They finally came and we saw the hairless little things and thought they were the cutest things we had ever seen. Dad didn't know hat you have to take out the Daddy by morning when we went out to look, they were all gone. Such a hard lesson to learn!

Yours are darling. I'm sure the children do enjoy them so much!

Loved the pictures of your little boy enjoynIg the lazy days of summer out on your porch. I was hoping that you had taken other pictures to show all the things you did with your bargain sheets.

I think a glassed in patio would be so nice, but they don't do that much in Oregon--however I have seen them several places I have visited in the middle states.

As always, a pleasure to visit your posts!

Take care.


Pam said...

The babies are so precious...I've enjoyed getting to watch them grow; how I wish I lived near by....I would love to buy one (or two!) of those little dears to raise! We had rabbits once when our girls were growing up, and I just loved them.