Wednesday, August 6, 2008


This is my dusty little secret and I am telling it to only you!
When I need to dust- like when one could legibly read the complete Gettysburg address written in the dust- I do in fact dust... but I also rearrange my stuff for a different decor set up. This is my thrifted tarnished (I like it tarnished and maybe even a little dinged up) silver that different people gave to me as they were going to throw it may remember from this post. I came across this photo I took at the end of our open L-shaped fireplace make the house dusty burning season because I knew it was time to rearrange stuff. But what I didn't realize until I looked at the photos was that it was disgustingly dusty. I think it is just a trick of the camera, yeah that's it, we'll go with that!!
So there you have dusty little secret. Don't tell a soul.

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