Sunday, August 17, 2008


This weekend I found these in my travels.
Aren't they great??!!
I have decided to keep the empty frame.
Not sure where it will go yet.
I may list the round roses picture.
Haven't decided if I can part with it and make you the lucky one.

I have listed this absolutely beautiful, romantic, shabby, highly detailed print in an awe inspiring frame. It weighs a ton. Truly.The frame is to die for! It is very ornate and very fancy. The picture is a highly detailed print, from the fringe on her shawl and the ruffles of lace on her sleeves and the curls in her hair.
I had to really talk myself into offering this one to you!!! I love this picture.This would look great on your wall and people will ask you "where did you ever find THAT?!!" UPDATE: This gorgeous picture above was listed for less than 24 hours and has sold !!! Thanks a bunch Christina, you will love it!!
I am keeping this vintage canvas painting. Sorry.
It is giant and the colors so super perfect. What do you think--peonies and foxglove?
Guess where I ended up hanging it? Remember my confetti yo-yo quilt I showed you? I layered it over the quilt on the wall over the bed. It looks fab!!
I'll bet my friend Sharon could have painted something like this...maybe you can take up painting again for relaxation, my friend. I have some wall space free. Hint, hint!!

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Sal said...

They are great finds! ;-)