Wednesday, August 27, 2008

second grade and recess is still the best part

My boy N. and his "friend girl" (not girl friend), J., waited at the bus stop for one of the most chilly late August mornings I can remember in Ohio. J. was shivering and her teeth were chattering when her Mom dropped her off. She spends mornings with N. and boards the bus with him all school year. During the summer she is like my add-on 4th child!!
Their school classrooms are next to one another with a door adjoining them.

N. told me he was too big for a Spiderman back pack so he went for a grown up style this time.

J., on the other hand, opted to stick with the trend of all little girls and is happy with her new purple backpack.
N. had math homework to do already on the first day. J. did not. Maybe things are easier on J's side of the classroom door? The homework is always greener on the other side!! Oh wait....that's not how it goes. Anyway, maybe J. will have homework on the weekend and N. won't. When you're in second grade everything is a competition.

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