Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Thank you

(Read my previous post to hear about my trip to see my cousin)

When I asked my cousin Barry if his Dad's house looked the same as when I was there last, he commented that it looks a whole lot nicer because of (his step Mom)Jan's flower gardens. He was right; the house looked beautiful all dressed up with many colorful gardens in the front and back yard too.

So "thank you!" Aunt Janet for having such amazing sights for me to capture.
I walked around and around clicking the camera

As is normal in nature there were plenty of buzzing, flying things about and wouldn't you know it-- A was stung for the very first time in her life.
I wasn't sure if she would be allergic since my Dad and brother are very allergic to stings. Barry was kind enough to make a run to the store for some Benedryl while I put a baking soda paste on the spot on her toe. She ended up being fine although she now knows how it hurts to be stung. Welcome to the club of stung people, A!!

As is also true in nature, you sometimes find the perfect picture with flowers and insects together. I will soon offer this one (above) for sale as a photo print in my shop. Watch for it. It would be great to frame or use on a card.

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Sal said...

Such gorgeous flowers!