Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The cousins

I took the kids last week to visit my cousin, in Michigan.
We had so much fun!!!
He was house sitting at his Dad's...which is a shorter drive for me than his own home
which is much farther North.

[A., E. and my cousin's son]

We shared stories from growing up times while my kids and his son played games and went swimming until they grew gills.

[N. and my cousin's son]

We had a cookout/picnic for lunch and for supper we had lunch-left-overs and delicious pizza. We had way too much food so we could have invited the whole neighborhood. My cousin made a salad with fresh fruit and that was yummy looking enough but was made even better when he added pineapple and dressed it up with star fruit!! We also had coleslaw with apples diced up in it- extra yummy!!

We also had lots of fun with my cousin's older brother and his two daughters who live very close by. E. hit it off with myother cousin's daughter -they seemed to talk so non stop they couldn't help but to talk over top of each other. It was comical. They talked for the longest time about fishing, of all things-- who knew??
My cousin's daughter was so interested to hear the family tree stories; of course I was a willing speech giver on genealogy!
I wish the day could have gone on forever.

[My cousin's daughter and my E.]

It was great to be together with my cousins- just like we were kids again...well almost!! You can read more about cousins here and here.

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