Wednesday, August 29, 2007

from the days of youth

I have included a list of super cool places to visit in blogland. When you have the dishes and windows washed go ahead and sit down for a read. Oh heck...I will write you a permission slip excusing you from all them as soon as you get the urge. The dishes and windows will wait for you. They always do.

In the meantime, this post is about me and
my cousin Barry.
December 1963. Barry, me, and my other cousin Jeff.
We are known in the family as the "1963 Gang" and we are the genealogist captains too!
Don't you LOVE the apron in the background? All the vintage seekers
KILL for aprons like that today!
Easter 1964. Barry and me at my house. I think he must have needed a button fussed with. How 'bout the major chub on my legs and that terrible bow on my head?!Easter 1966. Me with Barry at Grandma Bubble's house.

1966. Barry, me and Barry's brother John.
My other cousins may leave a comment saying where this was photographed.

Grandpa's 65th birthday 1969 at Barry's house.
Me, Barry, Grandpa, Barry's brother John, and my uncle (Barry and John's Dad).
See my "turkey apron"? That's a whole other story for another time!
Me on my First Communion day with Barry at my house.
You can view more photos of Amy and Barry~~ the blue eyed blondes
by clicking here and here.

Barry was the best D. J. that any wedding could ask for when I married my Sweetie.
He cued up "Amy" by Pure Prairie League (you can see the lyrics here)
and "Wedding Bell Blues"  by The 5th Dimension (you can see the lyrics here) for our arrival at the reception hall.
For our first dance he made sure to fill our request for "Wonderful Tonight" by Eric Clapton.
Thanks for being a great cousin!!

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Joy for the Journey said...

This is so great; I love the photos and I also happen to love the hairbow, by the way!! I love your Fantasy Family and it's a great website! (Glad I'm not the only one who plays that game :)