Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I like...

My hand stitched confetti yo-yo quilt I made over many, many months. It hangs on the wall behind the bed. Many of the fabrics are clothing items that have been recycled.

I wrote a story last year about the making of the quilt. The picture that begins the quilt story is of N. sitting on my friend's Dad's lap. N. has a goofy looking grin on his face and his ears are sticking out after his fresh hair cut . N. has changed looks a lot since then (has grown up teeth in a toothy smile and has grown into his ears a little more!) and sadly, my friend's Dad has died since then. You can read about the making of the quilt here .
The thrifted globes that were found in the trash. This method works when you are not in a hurry to acquire a collection as it can take years and a lot of luck!!
The collection grows as countries change their names and people do not want those globes anymore...I adopt them and love them best! My kids enjoy comparing the globes.

Old ratty looking books. I mean really old...the older the better I say! I don't care if the binding is not sound or pages are torn. If it has a beautiful cover or wonderful pictures inside it is still a treasure to me. I think my oldest book is from the 1870's.
As with globes...free from the trash when people think they are good for nothing is when I love them best!!

Some of my very favorite books (though not old) in my library are my Russian books. These are just a few and I am crazy about them. You can read more about my fascination for the Romanov family and my Russian altered book I made- click here.

I enjoy thrifted paintings of houses on tree lined streets and red barns in the snow. These are 2 of my very favorites. I think I paid 25 cents for each of them. The top one is a paint by number; which seem to be more in demand now and pricier! To me over 25 cents is pricey. Haha!! It is a real shame to think of how many hours are put into these paintings and then they are sold for 25 cents. But the silver lining is they are with me now and I appreciate them every day.

What thrifty things do you love??

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She'sSewPretty said...

I love that yo-yo quilt. I've always meant to make one. I collect old books too and cottage pictures. I really like that street scene in the last pic.