Tuesday, September 9, 2008

fabric magic

The story below was written by my best friend.

My very bestest friend, since 1968 !!

She lives by her sewing machine. I mean that figuratively and literally. For years now she has lived surrounded by mountains and next to a twisting turning river- in the N.W. - in a cozy little cabin house which allows her to say she is always within a few short steps from her sewing machines. She is a professional seamstress and fabric artist. Highest quality constructed clothing for adults and children, bags and quilts are a few of the items she has designed. She has sold many of her patchwork clothing creations to people around the world.
She is a firm believer in reusing fabric and trims and button and lace and other good things to put together one of a kind absolutely beautiful items to be cherished forever.

[ Some of my own fabric stash I scanned]

"Ever notice how when you drink a glass of (lots of ice) water that eventually it is gone? When you stick a straw in a milkshake and suck on the straw, eventually you RUN OUT of milkshake, no matter how much you love it? Well, then how come no matter how much I sew and sew and sew and sew and make skirt after skirt after top after hoodie, my fabric stash never shows a dent in it?
Am I living on top of a fabric geyser, like Yellowstone, and it just keeps replenishing itself from underneath somewhere? Is there a fabric river somewhere and my house is the eddie where all the fabric washes out like sand?
Is this just the area of my life where I have manifested abundance? Is fabric magic??? I'm thinking maybe "Yes" because all I want to do is sew this fabric and go to the thrift store and get more fabric and visit my storage to see what fabric is there. In other words, I am sure having fun sewing. (Good thing, 'cuz I have fabric to use up.)"
- A. H.

I was in the fabric store and I heard two elderly adorable old ladies saying,

"Will you ever use up ALL your fabric?"

"No way. Because every time I use one piece I get to buy 2 more!!"

That scene will be repeated between my friend and me some day.

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She'sSewPretty said...

I think Amy and I have to same fabric geyser! I have an addiction. I'm a fabricaholic. Is there a 12 step program for us!?