Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Richfield Park

Back in August I went to Michigan to visit some family members and we went on a road trip to see this magical place.

Come along, walk with me down this gently curved stone pathway with steps leading to a mysterious looking path not taken.

A suspension bridge will reveal itself to you and beckon you to cross. No trolls under this bridge.

As most of the group traversed the bridge, E. stopped to ponder the reflections in the moving water.

Once upon the wood and cable span, they discovered the footing between them and the greenish water could be made to bounce and sway. An odd feeling, but fun all the same.

So flip-flop shod feet began to work away as a team to set the bridge in motion.

Constructed securely at a bridge railing post, no one seemed to be home at the time upon this silky web, lest they feel a little queasy from the human shenanigans.

The sound was soothing as the rocks and branches made the water play music as it was slowed and detoured along its route.

Once we reached the other bank beyond the bridge span, slivers of sunbeams sliced through the leafy canopy. It seemed so serene and caused us all to simply pause and soak in the lush green surroundings. It may well have been a spot where forest faeries stand watch from behind a sentry lookout assignment.

Birds, going about their daily schedule in the trees towering above us, took little note of the humans leaving footprints in the moss.
Time to walk the wonderful bridge and return from whence we came.

The stone towers at either end of this picturesque bridge were a wonder to the eyes and allowed their strength and beauty to be captured quite well through the lens of the camera here .


Barry said...

Reading this, I find myself wishing I was there. Then I remember...I WAS! What a nice day.

Cousin Barry

The Vintage Kitten said...

Oh what a beautiful place it looks.

She'sSewPretty said...

What a beautiful place. Your post is a much needed break from all of the other news I've been reading tonight. I think I need a little trip like that myself!