Wednesday, September 10, 2008

snip, snip

This is just a small shovel full of all the snowflakes I sold last year. I have been a paper snowflakes artist for over 16 years.

Each and every one that is new coming off the end of my favorite scissors is always different from any other.

I cut them randomly and without any type of pattern. It just kind of happens and often I do not even know what they will look like until I unfold them. I find paper cutting very relaxing.

These are not the kind we all used to make as children in grade school with blunt edge scissors. They are intricately cut in all sizes from about 8" for the largest to about 2 1/2" across for the tiniest. True to the real kind of ice crystal snowflakes, they always have 6 points.
I have saved all the snowflakes I have cut for myself each year for at least 16 years. I save the kid's snowflakes too.
It takes me about a week to hang all of them to cover all the windows in the house.It is lots more fun putting them up than taking them down!!

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