Monday, October 27, 2008


The forecast: SNOW. Really and truly...the weatherman has called for possibly a few stray snow flakes to fall from the Ohio sky today. Our ground is still to warm to allow any to stick but Oh, How I Do Love Snow Flakes!

Silly to put a snowflake post right after a post about Halloween decorating? Heck--why should my blog not follow the trend here in town of the retail establishments? Everywhere I go the past few weeks they have been pushing the Halloween stuff aside, and front and center instead is Winter/Christmas.

Outside my window the leaves have not yet even finished changing to their Autumn colors on the tree branches. I admit freely that I get excited about seeing all the Winter/Christmas stuff early; however, I wonder if each year it will be pushed earlier still and eventually we will go directly from back-to-school store offerings to Santa and such. No Autumn anywhere. It will be Christmas in July for real and not just a tease.

I have been making the paper scraps fly with my special cutting snowflakes only scissors. I am known around the neighborhood and at school as "the snowflake lady". I hang them on my windows every year around the last week in November and keep them up until Valentine's Day. We very often have snow in Ohio until late March and sometimes (on rare occasions) into the end of April. I love snow- and snow fits somewhere in there with my ideal temperature range. I am happiest with the weather when it is between about 20-70 degrees. I find I am usually in the minority when unofficial temperature preference polls are taken. LOL

These are some of the snowflakes I have listed in my shop so far. You get 35 snowflakes and some freebies too- for what I hope is viewed as a value price-and I ship without cost to you to anywhere in the US and pretty cheap to all the rest of you.

Some have sold already!! Do not wait to get your own shovel full. I will continue to cut and list. so keep checking back for more listings. To find all of them easily I have them under the category of Paper Snowflakes (surprise!) in my shop's table of contents as they are often scattered through out the shop and harder to find if you browse by listing date.

My secret confession is that I long to have all my Winter merchandise front and center after back-to-school too...only because I love to make snowflakes so much and I long to share them with you.

My paper snowflakes snow comes with a detailed guarantee:

1. never need to be shoveled resulting in shortness of breath or backache
2. never cause a slip and fall accident nor a fender bender accident

3. never cause you to be late for work or any other destination by needing to be scraped off your car's windshield

4. no matter how many you accumulate, it will never result in a snowed in situation causing you to plan ahead and empty off the grocery store shelves of milk, bread and canned soup

5. no matter how many you accumulate, it will never result in an electrical outage from downed power lines

6. they are not messy as they do not melt into grey slush

7. you do not have to skillfully catch one on a black mitten to see the one of a kind hexagon detail

8. sorry kids on this snow days off school

I find that one tiny piece of rolled gift wrapping tape (any brand will do) on the back of a flake is all that you need for hanging on a window. It will peel off pretty easily when you wish to take them down to save for next year. In my own personal collection, I have been using some of the same flakes on my windows for over 16 years now! I used to keep them stored in the pages of a dictionary but I have gone beyond the storage capabilities of any book. I now utilize a vintage tin red and white bread box.

Below are photos from past years showing just some of my flakes at my house. I have cut about 100 more to also be listed very soon in the shop. Stop in often to see them!


Autumn said...

I have seen your snow flakes as 'purchased items' in photos laying on the table or whatnot from many a blogger, but never seen them used in decor. Fantastic! Thank you for sharing these images! I love what you've done with the old books too, that is one of my favorite things to use in decor as well. Stop by my blog for a giveaway...
~ Autumn Clark

a portland granny said...

Amy, I love your snowflakes! How much would some special order ones cost. This is what I would love if you have the patience to do something like this. How about 36, none bigger than 1 & 1/4 inches--none less than 3/4 inch. I would use them on Christmas card, which I am busy making. Just an idea. Think about it.

Thanks, Joan