Sunday, October 26, 2008

old books

I like old books and decorating with them is fun to do for any time of year. Take a tour with me of just one area of my Halloween decorating that includes old books.

Can you believe someone intended to throw away this great old dictionary?! I rescued it!
It looks like an ancient spell book or something when teamed with a skull and some creepy crawly critters beside a twisted candle stick.

You surely can't go wrong with a stack of black and orange old books as a platform
if a smaller skull and other goodies are perched on them!
If you ever are lucky enough to come across some old black books with orange titles on the spine- they make perfect props for any Halloween vignette. The more tattered , the better!!!
Next time you stumble across some old books, maybe you will look at them with fresh eyes as you consider the possibilities in everyday and holiday decorating. After all, it doesn't matter if the story inside is a good one or not and many times they are the right price=FREE.


Jennifer Conway said...

Such great ideas! I'm going to be looking at my books with new eyes! Thanks!

Sal said...

Using books as props, not just for Halloween,but for other projects too,is a brilliant idea!! ;-)

a portland granny said...

I do like your decorations. The books really lend themselves to showcase the other things. You have such good ideas!! You also have the good sense to hang onto old books, etc. I should have done that with so many things!! I like your post, "My kind of blog". I think you got it "right on". Its always fun to visit your posts because they are always new and different!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I like your Halloween things. I love all books...Have a great day!!!...m..