Sunday, October 26, 2008

my kind of blog

I ask myself often, "Just what kind of blog do I have anyway?"

I started my blog as a way to unleash some thoughts and give my far away family and friends somewhere to go to listen to my thoughts. I also share photos. Some current. Some from before.
I whine sometimes. I rant sometimes. I place my opinions on the table sometimes.

Most of all, I guess I like the way a blog lets you create a reality that seems any way you present it. I can seem happy, even if it's a day when I'm not. My house can pretend to be clean and magazine layout ready, even when it probably never will be. Is that dishonest? I don't mean for it to be. Maybe I am like The Great Oz hiding behind the curtain. I don't know for sure.

One thing I do know, is that since I have started this site, I have had many kinds of feelings each time I sit to write in front of this new technology -- a technology I don't ever hope to understand. I feel lucky to have this outlet. I am thrilled with making new friends. I smile at all the wonderful comments people leave for me. I am endlessly impressed with all the talented people out there in blogland.

There are people that read this site and know me. There are people that feel they have gotten to know me. There are people I know and long to see again. There are people I long to meet but will never have the chance.
Some people show art, some are talented writers, some have had great sadness enter their lives, some are successful business people...

I just don't know what kind of blog I have. Maybe it doesn't require a category or definition.

I think I would describe my blog as being like my Grandma's always yummy homemade cookies she gave me as a child. I called them her "Clean out the cupboard cookies". She would use some basic recipe and then make them unique by throwing into the mix what ever she happened to have on hand. Sometimes it was chocolate chips, sometimes raisins or nuts or candied fruit. It didn't matter because it was all presented to me with the same sincere enthusiasm. Something to enjoy; to create a lasting memory.

I hope my blog is like that.

This text was republished from it's original date of August 2007 on my blog.
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Sal said...

I love your blog because it is so varied and interesting! Keep up the wonderful work ;-)