Monday, November 10, 2008


Clark Cinnamon gum, Teaberry gum, Chick-o-sticks, Mary Janes, BB bats.....
Remember when I showed you this place and said I would go there?

Indian Pumpkin Seeds, Razzles, Squirrel Nut Zippers, Neccos (all chocolate), bubble gum cigars, Ice Cubes, Black Jack gum...
Well I did!
I took all 3 kids and N's friend girl J.(not girl friend, says he) just before Halloween. It has just taken me this long to post about it.

The kids got their own candy but I guess mine seemed more tempting. They knew it could not be eaten by anyone "Until Mom takes a picture for her blog!", was the whiny reply each time someone reached into the bag.

Step inside the bright PINK building with us to enjoy the shopping. Go ahead, N. will lead the you can see he was way ahead of everyone practically pushing us aside. "Remember we are practicing gentlemanly manners at ALL times!", says I. We all ducked in out of the drizzly rain. What a way to spend some time on a raining afternoon! The kids had no school because of teacher meetings.
A. and J. had fun reading all the boxes. I noticed right away that N. and J. only seemed interested in the more familiar offerings that you can even get at the grocery aisle check out. A. commented to me that she noticed their pattern of interest too and laughed. A. kept asking me if this one or that one was good. "They're ALL good!"

N. spied the Indian Pumpkin Seeds and asked if I used to get these when I was little. I said "yes" and then stopped to think that it is one of those things (many things) that are now considered politically incorrect. Native American Pumpkin Seeds, anyone?

Just look at those stacks of marshmallow cones. I always hated when they would get crushed as I struggled as a child to hold my little brown paper candy sack AND the handle bars of my bike as I rode home with my friend from the candy store.
Hey, did you notice the tin ceiling painted PINK?

A whole double-sided cooler with pop in old nostalgic bottles. Nope! No plastic with recycling numbers when we were kids. The bottle return system at the neighborhood store was our recycling. I only had pop as a treat when it was a summer pot-luck or cook-out or for holidays when I was a kid. Otherwise Mom used the grocery budget for more needed things.

As I shared my stories and reminiscences with the owner while he rang me out, the kids all just wished they were invisible. Oh the embarrassment of it all.
Now I think I'll unwrap a chocolate Ice Cube. Don't you just love how they melt on your tongue?! What? Don't remember? You better go find some!!


Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I want some!!!!!!!....m...

Jennifer Conway said...

Boy oh boy does that ever bring back memories! Thanks for all the photo's, I had a blast remembering them all (well, most of them - we didn't get all of them in Canada). Gone are the days when you filled up a little paper bag with penny candies!

simple~needs said...

omg!! i would love to take a step back in time at that candy store. that would be soo much fun!!! the pics made me smile. :)

Lori said...

Oh Amy, I want some Faygo very cherry cola and some of those marshmellow cones and some ...OH heck one of each! No Black Jack anymore gets me sick! Those Violet candys were my sweet Mom's favorite, but I hated the smell! Looks like a blast! Later,Lori

a portland granny said...

That candy store was like a trip down memory lane! What fun it must have been to go there with the children!! I like your Lefton pink pieces. Somehow they look familiar too!

I'm loving the snowflakes I ordered from you! They are just beautiful!