Monday, November 17, 2008

Flash Back- memories of Grandma

My Baby Boomer memories of my Grandmas:
I remember my Grandma having both of these kinds of really neat-o things!!!Probably from the 1950- early 1960s era. Green plastic powder box from the time that powder was always bought loose and it came with a fluffy powder puff. Wow!... I can't tell you how many times I got in trouble for playing in that!!!! I always loved the cartoon- I think it was Bugs Bunny- when he kept yelling "Make-Up!" and the giant powder puff would deliver a huge cloud of whiteness. My Grandma had one of these on the back of her toilet tank and I could never resist opening it. Could I help it that my Mom could have easily gotten a job as a CSI and never failed to know I did it??!
Pink telescoping plastic travel type cup. Grandma always had one of these in her purse among the other Grandma goodies I was always curious about in her handbag or pocketbook as she called it. It holds water-or whatever liquid you choose- and then collapses so you can tuck it away with the lid. Ahhhh...What joys could be found in a Grandma purse. A soft hankie with dainty flowers that has been washed so many times it seems so thin you could see through it. When I kept on sniffling that always came out eventually, even though I always repeated "no" each of the five times I was asked if I needed to blow my nose. Sometimes Grandma would tuck one between her wrist and the band of her watch or the cuff of her sleeve. Grandmas are always good for a piece of gum. You know the stick of gum that has been in her purse since the Cuban Missile Crisis?
These items pictured are in my shop. UPDATE: These items have sold. THANKS!

Oh, and by the by (which is also one of my Grandma's
little ditties she was known for saying), the clock desk you may have noticed in my photos today, or previously at some point, may need some splainin' (as I Love Lucy used to say). It is an original creation of mine. It was years in the making!! I acquired this desk curbside and decided h-ll or high water (another Grandma saying) I was going to fit it in my car, even at the expense of needing to tie a kid to the bumper to get home (just kidding. Well not really. Ok yeah I am kidding). The desk (and all three kids) made it home safely INSIDE the car. The only thing wrong with the desk=missing one drawer handle and the top was pretty sad. I saved every watch and clock image I found in every magazine and catalog and anywhere else I could find them. Fast forward=I decoupaged them all on top and coated it with uber (my teenage daughters' word, not Grandma's) amounts of varnish. Then just to be extra safe I topped it with a rounded edge piece of glass that just happened to be the right size that I found (serendipity) somewhere along the line in my curbside travels. I get many comments on it-- not all nice or positive, some include the words therapy and crazy-- but I love my clock desk!!

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