Thursday, November 6, 2008

hand me down decorating

My thoughtful friend, Sharon, gave me some hand me downs (hmd) the other day. I LOVE hmd!!
I think it is a fun challenge to see how things will work into your own world when you acquire things from someone else. Here's what I found out...

N. and his friend J. rearranged the doll house furniture and decorated it with some hmd wired mini leaf garland too! I painted the doll house inside and out and added wallpaper, after finding it already built but naked, many years ago.

My milk glass vases on the kitchen window sill are entwined with some more hmd wired mini leaf garland. On my way to Sharon's house to pick up all this hmd bounty, I had to stop at my favorite thrifty shop to see if they had any milk glass. They usually don't disappoint and that day was no exception. I found a perfect Westmorland fan shaped compote for $1.55. I love how they have strangely weird cheap price points like $1.55! I will have to show you that later.

On top of my milk glass cabinet I used the two hmd crackle white candle pedestals as props for my pumpkins and added some silk leaves. You may recognise my tattered dictionary from the Halloween display I showed in another post. This time it is holding up the same twisted candle stick and also another pumpkin.

If you have hand me downs, you should give a few to one of your friends and challenge them to creatively incorporate them into their world. You may be so inspired you just might be tempted to ask for them back!!


Jennifer Conway said...

Ha! I have to admit - I have given things away, only to see them displayed in a new way, and fall in love with them all over again! Love the photo of your milkglass in the window......and my daughter would flip over that dollhouse!! Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I knew you would do something great with my "junk"! It makes me even happier that I gave it to the right person. Cant wait to see what you do with the next batch!
Your "un-junkin" friend (you know what I mean),

a portland granny said...

Oh wow! Am I impressed with your milk glass collection!! Love the displays you made with your hmd's!!