Thursday, November 6, 2008

silver and blue

These are the things that just happened to come together
for a new display in the hall.
I was sorting through the girls' dress up tub that was stored away in the garage. Sadly, they are way beyond the age of playing dress up. That is one of the little girl phases I will always miss. When I came across the sparkly silver purses they used to fight over, it suddenly struck me that I wanted to see them for a while again to remind me of the more innocent sibling fights they had. Today's more teenage type squabbles are not so fun!!
(A is officially 2 months away from teenager status)
"Why not display them like a collection?", thought I. And so it became.
Looking back, I recall, all the purses were found at garage sales for less than a dollar each.

All the blue crockery was my Mom's. I had been moving them from place to place and they didn't really have a perfect feeling place to rest until I placed them temporarily on the shelf and, as a result, decided I liked them there.
Add in some old books and as the final touch-- a picture of my Dad's Mom at age 3 or 4 in a shiny silver frame. I copied the picture to do this project for the bride that I showed you in a post recently about the Cathedral.
Sometimes a vignette happens without really trying.
Maybe you can look at something unexpected through new eyes and use it for a display--like the silver purses that remind me that my teens were little girls once and I will never outgrow that memory like they outgrew the dress up phase!!

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a portland granny said...

What a wonderful collection!! This is a beautiful display.

Hope my letter arrived safely.

Check Saturday's post--you've been tagged! Do with it what you want.

I've been out of commission so am enjoying catching up on your posts.