Saturday, December 27, 2008

what's in a color name when it comes to paint?

 I mentioned in this post about A's stuff being moved out into other parts of the house. She is on the ending edge of 12 and it was time to pack away some of the beloved little girl items from her room for a more grown up look. But alas, there is plenty still left to still be part of her teen room, and most of it is not in HER room at this time!! (deep breath. patience... patience.)
Her paint colors are Constellation =(blue) and Echo =(green). I think it would be fun to assign creative names to paint and crayon colors! I don't think I would have trouble making a career out of that.... bet it doesn't pay well though.

I made a pennant flag banner to span the high window.  A large square window on another wall that I haven't done anything for as yet. Maybe a gathered valance and cafe type curtain in one of the two color themes. We also bought her a new blind; her roll down shade had decided to quit rolling back up!!

The fabric is a polished cotton and has white polkadots. I stiffened the flags with interfacing and added several dangly faceted glass beads to each point to send rainbows throughout her room in the afternoons.

Her previous color scheme was pink for the main color with accents of purple. We repainted the detail grooves on her dresser drawers to cover the purple paint--now it is Echo!

A. hand-painted her switch plate. In this photo it looks yellow and blue but trust me... it is Echo and Constellation!

We are reusing her lamp with a makeover on the shade which did have kittens on a white background. Now it is all dotty with fun dangles.

Maybe the room will be finished by her birthday coming soon???????

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Alette Siri Ane said...

thankyou for letting me see thru your work have a nice holiday further on!