Saturday, December 27, 2008

? more shopping days left...until next Christmas

How was your holiday this year? Will you sit back and relax for about 11 more months or will you go out immediately and start shopping for next Christmas?
I personally wish Christmas was just about gathering with family and friends and having a nice meal and NO GIFTS!
The real reason we celebrate is not the gifts, after all.

This was how I did my dinner table center decorating. Milk glass candle sticks, silver strings of beads and my hand quilled snowflakes.
I do not make these to sell because they take me wayyyy too long to make so I could not justify selling them affordably after all the labor . I spend hours on each one. Some quillers may be quicker, but not I.
I will just stick with selling my handcut paper snowflakes. They can be sold at a much more affordable price and I can even offer free shipping too. There are still some in the shop ready to be scooped up by you. If you ever want a special type order of paper snowflakes-like all one size or a certain specific amount- just contact me.

Please ignore any ugly wrinkles in the red tablecloth!! My iron did not make an appearance on Christmas Eve...nor did the maid.

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She'sSewPretty said...

Amy, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Your table looks so pretty with your snowflakes. They really are beautiful!