Sunday, December 7, 2008

They must have had great bladders...

those Brady Bunch kids--have you ever noticed that all the times they show the upstairs bathroom there is NEVER a logical place where a toilet could be hiding? And I never remember seeing the parent's bathroom. At least that's what I assume was behind that ugly screen/wall/divider thingy behind their bed.

Did it ever occur to you all those years of watching the Brady Bunch that it was odd that when the kids were looking in the mirror while brushing their hair or brushing their teeth that we were essentially looking through the mirror at them ??!

How about the fact that their grass was AstroTurf and moved in wrinkles sometimes when they walked on it and made weird, non-grass like sounds when they ran on it?? I know my grass never sounded like a wooden sound stage when I ran on it. Did yours?

When they showed the outside of Tiger's doghouse it looked pretty normal. Yet, when it was shown from the inside it was twice the size and also lit up??!!

And why would Carol and Mike ever allow poor Jan to make a complete fool of herself in that wig at the birthday party? That was required future counseling in the making!!

When the kids are building a house of cards in the Brady living room as part of a contest you may or may not have noticed that in the different scenes Jan is sometimes wearing her hair up in a pony tail and other times not. And Peter's shirt changes color. OOPS!!

There are lots of things that you never noticed as a kid all those times you watched the same repeat episodes over and over. Now that we have the modern magic of DVD to bring back nostalgia, it also spoils the magic when as a grown up you have the opportunity to stop and rewind and notice and more importantly question things!

I know I am being a real baby boomer party pooper. But wait, am I ? It just brings a whole new appreciation for our childhood trust in the reality of this TV show that came WAY before reality TV shows. I myself, as an early elementary age student never once questioned the fact that these kids really did live together with their cool parents in a groovy house. The fact that it was actors, actresses, written plots and a sound stage never entered my wildest dreams. I can still appreciate that magical feeling.

But speaking of the Brady girls...couldn't you just see one of them wearing this dress? It was in disrepair so I harvested the groovy fabric and it is in my shop. Plenty of good fabric pieces were saved!!! A fun candidate for reuse to make something new and very groovy for the 21st century!

Don't know where Dad is, but Happy holidays from the rest of the Bunch!!

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She'sSewPretty said...

I can soooo see Jan Brady wearing that dress. I don't think I ever noticed the astro turf. I just always wanted Alice to come be our housekeeper so I wouldn't have to help clean house!! LOL