Monday, December 8, 2008

modern miracle fabrics?

You just never know what you will find! One of my favorite fringe benefits of loving and buying vintage thrifty books is that you sometimes get fun or unusual bits of ephemera tucked in the pages. Things that may have been tucked away long ago for safe keeping and then forgotten. Sometimes they reveal clues to the society and every day life of the past. Here are some examples.

Don't you love this apron clad lady? This says: "This is your personal invitation to dining room elegance and dinner table luxury, with the beautiful FASHION DELUXE DINNER CLOTH... Made of one of the modern "miracle" fabrics--heavy gage vinyl... It won't be long before all your friends want to know where you got your lovely new table cloth..."

This order form is from Summer 1964 for monogrammed handkerchiefs and your free gift for ordering was an "Oriental letter opener encased in a hand painted cherry wood sheath with colorful tassel. Suitable for home or office, as a letter opener, fruit knife or picnic knife."

Wow! That was some multi-purpose letter opener!! Sorry, the offer was good only through Sept. 30, 1964.

At the bottom of the order form it says, "Please send us your zip number to help Uncle Sam."

These might be fun to use in a 21st century altered art or collage project. Although I do not claim to be an expert, I believe it would be ok to use them any way you wish!

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