Monday, December 8, 2008

EVERY 13 year old girl wishes for flatware, doesn't she?

For those of you that need some
vintage inspiration
for your holiday shopping list-
check out this list of suggestions!
click on any of these pages to enlarge.

infants: silver porringers, pearls for girls (one or more to start a necklace)

6-12 age group girls: thimbles-gold or silver
6-12 age group boys: brushes-clothes, hair, military (military?)

13-17 age group girls: starting pieces of silver flatware
13-17 age group boys: cuff links

18-21 age group girls: china place settings
18-21 age group young men: (why are the boys now young men but the girls are still girls?) cigarette cases, lighters (boy!- that is a sign of the vintage times-political incorrectness!)

women: social stationery, thimbles-gold or silver, holloware-flower bowls, dinner bells

men: scarf pins, ink wells, dressing cases

1 comment:

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Great lists!! I'll be sure to rush right out to get my 21 year old son a cigarette case! LOL.
Thanks for sharing such a fun piece of nostalgia.