Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas Past

I know we should be done blogging about Christmas for now, but I again came across this old photo of me in 1968 as I was sifting through photos. I love this photo because the funniest part is I STILL HAVE EVERYTHING SHOWN IN THIS PHOTO EXCEPT THE PLAYSKOOL MAGNETIC BOARD AND THE CLOTHES I WAS WEARING ...OH AND THE BABY TEETH IN MY MOUTH! I loved the slippers I was wearing in this photo. They were hot pink velvet and had huge pompoms on the toes. They had a semi-hard sole and were great for dancing and spinning around on the tile floor.


marie said...

Hi Amy - I have "The Shiniest Star" book too! I got mine a bit earlier than you though - probably about 1962. I love it!

PS ~ it's always the right time to post about Christmas! : )

Peggy. said...

Wow you have no idea the memories this photo brings back for me. I haven't seen one of those magnetic boards in years...I remember hours spent playing school with it. I'm the oldest so I was always the teacher!