Monday, January 5, 2009

vintage postcards

Don't you love those cars? And what a hoot! This one says,
"Greetings from Florida. To jeer and gloat may not be nice.
I'll take the sun, you take the ice."

This one is the Pig Trail Inn, Miami Beach, Florida.
Handwritten in cursive on the front it says "I worked here"
Charming, indeed!

Postmarked 1946 Toledo Ohio
The rally service was held at Western Ave. Methodist Church

Postmarked 1951 Marion Va.
On the Back it says,
"...would rather be down here than in Toledo. Andy's folks are nice."
The new in-laws, do you think?
Postcard description printed on back says,
In Florida bright flowers are found.
The flame-vine and Hibiscus abound;
While orange groves of fadeless green,
with fruit of gold make gay the scene.
an orange grove in the Lake Region, Florida

Postmarked 1945
Wakulla Springs near Tallahassee, Fla.
What do you think of this?...
on the back the message is about being on a honeymoon
and being in the hospital in Thomasville Georgia due to a bite!

airplane view of seaport and causeway to Atlantic Ocean,
Fort Pierce, Fla.

All these vintage postcards are available in my
Abundantly Curious Pix shop
under the category of
Vintage Photos and Postcards
All, except the Rally Day postcard,
are linen texture.
All have either a 1 cent postage stamp
or a blank place asking for a 1 cent postage stamp!


Shelley said...

Hi Amy,I love old postcards..they share so much history. I love the Christmas picture of you as well. What a blessed little girl you were,and how wonderful that you still have all those sweet things.. thanks for sharing them with us.


The Vintage Kitten said...

Hi Amy, I love old postcards. Thanks so much for showing them. X

Jamie said...

These are awesome Amy! Your vintage button cards are so sweet and smart looking. Great idea! Love, Jamie

papel1 said...

New to your blog. I love postcards. I also use to do quilling and had a business called Quills and Frills. I checked your Etsy shop. Nice.