Sunday, February 15, 2009

me and cousins

1964- I am the baby in front holding the Raggedy Ann. It was my first birthday! My cousin B., the baby in the blue shorts, was just a birthday boy again this month!! The rest of the people are my uncle, aunts, cousins and my grandparents (Dad's parents). My Mom was the photographer.
I still have the doll. She was well loved!!

1967- That's me in the red bubble suit in the front. To my left, wearing red shorts, is my cousin B. The rest are cousins and second cousins. I think this is a great photo because of the twisted shorts on the boys!!!! Obviously they "pull to the right" when pulling up their pants. Too FUNNY!

See the nuns in the background? This was taken at one of the many picnic reunions we attended each summer at the orphanage where my Grandma Bubbles and her siblings grew up. The building location changed through the years but it was always run by the same division of nuns.

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Cec said...

I LOVE your family photos. I was born in 1959 and we have a lot of photos that are so similar that we could be sisters. (I grew up in California - I doubt that photos from Israel in that period would be the same :-)

I'm glad I found your blog - and you're welcome to visit me, too!