Monday, February 16, 2009

Flash Back- more baby boomer TV and theme songs

I suddenly began to wonder how I find myself so attracted to some of these 1950s- early 1960s TV shows. Being a 1963 baby boomer, I am considered on the outside edge of the boomer club. I think the answer lies in the fact that I am the baby in a family of 3 very much older brothers. I grew up hearing about and being influenced by their own experiences with TV, and radio and somehow it must have all translated into my own memories as a transfer effect. I think this is true for the TV shows that I was clearly too young to remember first hand because it happened also with music and record albums. I liked what they liked even at a very young age when my peers (oldest in their sibling line-ups) did not know what I was talking about or listening to.
True, the age of TV Land on cable television soon allowed someone of any age to become familiar with all the grand old shows seen in black and white and the magic of color, but how else could I have loved these shows BEFORE cable reruns. Surely it must be credited to my brothers.
My boy N. asked me once how I knew what color someone was wearing or what color their hair was when everything was in black and white? I never stopped to think before but he was right....I did not in fact know those things until the same TV show was changed to color in subsequent seasons. Still, I think our "black and white" brains just automatically filled it in!!
So I proposed a question to him- "Which episodes do you like better of Bewitched or The Adams Family or The Munsters? The black and white or the color?" He decided that he enjoyed the black and white better, especially for The Adams family and the Munsters.
Here at our house we do not have cable TV or satellite or dish. Not for about 7 years now!! NOPE. Just bunny ears and now a converter box. We do buy movies at garage sales or the local resale shops for 50 cents and we get TV series discs from that mail rental company, N--Fl--.

Leave It To Beaver aired from 1957-1963

No one ever really got punished in the traditional ways. They just discussed things over dinner at a table set with linen cloth and napkins and learned strong moral lessons by the end of each half hour. Homework was always complete and baths and teeth brushing were never ever skipped.
The Donna Reed Show aired from 1958-1966
Perfect family, perfect house and yard and car and job and paycheck. No wondering about when your husband would be home from work when his office was in the home! How in the world could it be comfortable to do housewifey chores ~like scrub behind the toilet~ in a dress and girdle and heels? Well, I guess that's why we never saw Donna do that on any episode!
Lots of lesson learning discussions at another well dressed dinner table on this show too!

H. R Pufnstuf aired from 1969-1971

Jump ahead to a show I do remember watching. Memories that I truly own.
The characters are very silly and endearing. As an adult looking back at the characters and the era during which the show aired, I have to curiously wonder if there were possibly some mind altering drugs going on behind the makings of this show??? Shame on you Amy for even questioning that! So what if it had talking trees and a magic talking flute. Didn't the old classic The Wizard of Oz have talking trees? And after all, the beloved Captain Kangaroo show had a talking Grandfather clock for gosh sakes!!!

Listen to some vintage TV theme songs to spark your own boomer memories!

We have been watching the current TV series The Big Bang Theory each Monday. We enjoy this show about brainy nerds. My A. is a bit of a nerd since she has always been in gifted and talented classes and earns straight A's (which means she couldn't possibly be MY KID!). A. understands and laughs at the complicated theory rants that fly over our heads and past our less developed brains!!! ....anyhoo... the reason for bring up this show is that I realized there are not many current shows that have theme song jingles that stick with us--but this show does. Tonight we were all singing along!!!


St├ęphanie said...

Your blog is nice !!

Laura said...

I loved those old shows. I still put on the I Love Lucy reruns when they do marathons on TVLAND.
I remember also thinking that my mother's world was black and white when she was a kid. Funny stuff. Good post.

IsabellasCloset said...

Hi Amy, You funny Gal! I love what you said here.......
"How in the world could it be comfortable to do housewifey chores ~like scrub behind the toilet~ in a dress and girdle and heels?" Yep I wondered about that too..
I loved all your music too!
Thanks for the memories.
Have a fun day!
Hugs ~Mary~ :-}

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Amy! I remember HR Puffinstuff. Recently I showed my kids a clip of it on Youtube, and one of them asked me the same question about the "chemical mind altered state" of the writers. I think she may be right.
Thanks for your kind comments on my blog.
Blessings to you~