Saturday, March 14, 2009

a happy 8 year old

Hand me downs are fun challenges. My friend was clearing some collections out of her house and so she gave us some hand me downs.
As the kids and I looked through the boxes, everyone seemed to find something to strike their fancy.

N. was so very excited about finding some duck figurine/sculptures and framed duck prints in a box. He decided he could decorate his room. He went through his stuffed animal collection and found some ducks to make friends with the new ducks. He did a great job, don't you think?! Thank you for the loved goodies, Sharon!

He even used his plastic log as a prop. It belongs to his shooting range game. The log serves as the base for the plastic cans and bottles targets. When you aim and shoot the toy gun a laser beam makes contact with an "eye" on the log which triggers a peg to pop up under the can or bottle, sending it up high in the air when it is "hit". It's kind of like a carnival game. He bought it with his own money he had saved, after having his eye on it in the store for a long time. When we would go to the store he would visit his shooting range game sitting on the shelf and make sure it was still available while he slowly but surely saved up enough to buy it.

N. likes to keep his "display areas" of his room tidy...Now if I could just find a way to keep his dirty clothes off the floor and his dresser drawers from aways standing open!!

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