Thursday, March 5, 2009

violet scavenger hunt

I went on an outing with my friend, Sharon and we saw lots of great things at the thrifty places we visited. Can you believe I found this pretty little bowl for a quarter? 25 cents!! How could I possibly turn down something so pretty when it was soooo low priced?! I had to have it for my own because at home ...
...I knew I had this creamer waiting to make it's acquaintance!! I really like Violets. They grow wild in my gardens and almost get to the point of taking over everything, but I just can't pull them. Many years ago I once had someone come to my house just before the Violets were all about to burst into bloom. She looked at all the clusters of green leaves, knowing they were wild Violets, and commented in a tone I would reserve only for an invasion of poison ivy, "Oh honey! You need to pull all those out. They are terrible weeds!"
One of my favorites photos of my oldest daughter as a baby was taken when she was first sitting up on her own well enough to not topple over and I took her out into the early morning sunny warmness just after the dew went away and plopped her down right in the middle of all those beautiful blooming Violet weeds!!
Want to know something funny? The next day, after reuniting these two long lost China violet soul mates shown here, I remembered that somewhere packed away I have the matching sugar bowl with lid!!! Well maybe that goes into the category of pathetic instead of funny. But it is fun (if not funny) that making something become a collection is like a scavenger hunt when one piece at a time comes to you over a long period of not really hunting. Sometimes things find you! I think these violets are finding at a time.


Loretta said...

That is such a neat find, Amy! I love violets too.

Tillybud said...

Wow you were very lucky. I think the violets really are finding you. I loved reading about your favourite baby memory.

Sweet Somethings by Lois said...

Hi Amy!
Maybe someone is trying to tell you something!?!
I think it is so neat that you are getting your violets all in a row.
I hope you plan on using them everyday and not just for good!
Have a great rest of the week and thanks for sharing.