Tuesday, May 12, 2009

money doesn't grow on trees...

...but it does grow in my garden! All these beautiful purple flowers are Money Plant and will transform into green discs (like coins) and finally into white tissue paper like discs. They are so abundant in my garden I should be a millionaire!

Money Plant

white wild Violets near the Holly Bush

Bleeding Hearts -about 20 years old

Creeping Flox- about 40 years old

All these flowers are in my front gardens. I am very late in taking off the winter blanket of pine needles from the perennials, but they don't seem to even mind at all.

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Lois said...

HI Amy!
I have been on holiday for the last week and am doing some cathing up on blog reading.
Your garden looks really pretty!
I only plant bushes because they don't die on me although I did have a rubarb plant for over 5 years before it died....does that count? LOL!
I was glad to read that you had a good Mother's Day!
Good for you!
Have a great week!